Summer Schedule

Things are warming up for the summer. Im changing the way I do a few things phasing out others. If you would like to catch up with the travlin show. Sewanee University 4 July , Greene Streete Market, July 16,  Lowe Mill Week Ends of the 10th amy work at nd 17 for the Midsummer Renaissance & Fantasy Fair.  July 25 Monteagle Mountain Arts & Craft . Aug 22, Ill be at the Beersheba Springs event. Aug. 30, Art in the Park Scottsboro.NEACA Fall Craft Show Sept.18 to 20. That’s it for now but Ill be showing up at the normal places during the Fall. You may also find my work at the Huntsville Art League Galleries at Lowe Mill. The Greene Street Market and Store or on ETSY. For daily updates and irritation’s follow Marcus Hilden on Face Book.

Coming to grips

imageimageI’m honest about my Luddite tendencies . Which amuse me to no end when I present my self with the evidence I am the machine, A customer called with a request for several items I no longer make. Wanting slight variations . Even though I say , and truthfully. Measurements are only suggestions . I do the majority of my work free hand. I use a couple simple jigs to keep some uniformity . Also if you request a certain dimension.and I agree to it. I feel obligated to meet those requirements. Our conversation turned to how I thought it would look. I must have sounded hesitant and unenthusiastic . I was. The customer asked if I disliked the plans or thought the items would not look good . I was actually thinking about how I disliked drilling two more holes in my work table to accommodate this project. More specific drill 2 holes with a hand drill first thing in the morning. I fessed up. Nearly everything I make I like. Momentarily . I’ve jumped up on the anvil and danced. Constantly give praise for the talent I’ve been blessed with.

Then the Q.A. Starts coming out of me. I begin the critique . I’m sincere when I say everything I have done so far has been wrong. Or I haven’t worked out a better way yet. Now back to my tendencies or peculiarities ? I found the center of my new jig array. I then measured the piece I’m working . I’d just finished forging the decoration and mounting on both ends. I measured out side curve to out side curve to find the center.  35 inches! That number sounded familiar . It was. I had it written on the table from my material estimate. For the distance I needed at those two points. Now the second identical item was 1/4 inch in variance which is good. This ain’t rocket science. But. The only actual measurement was when I cut the raw material to length.

It dawned on me at a show one day. Which is kind of late. I couldn’t remember the last time I checked the hook alignment io my large hat and coat racks. After my panic attack . I checked . Darn if they weren’t all lined up like good little ducks.

2015 so far

I’m back in the shop working for the first time today since Christmas. Not that I have nt been working . Cleaned and upgraded the shop. Filled out and mailed applications for Spring , Summer and one Dec. Show. Keeping up with gallery stuff. Shipping on line orders. All the stuff they don’t tell you about being. Black smith. I’ve sketched out and researched several new new items I’m adding to the line up. I would have liked to start on them today but I still have a couple orders from last years when I get to it file and some restocking.  I modified a couple ballpeen hammers which will soon be hot cuts and a punch. For now I’m enjoying a cleaner shopimage